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Maintaining perspective and staying on track through well constructed goals is not a tool reserved for athletes alone.

As a coach, life balance and the pursuit of your own dreams is crucial to your ability to deliver day in and day out the level of energy and commitment equitable to high performance achievement. With all the hats we wear daily, its easy to get lost and all too often we neglect our own needs to ensure those of our charges are taken care of.

As mentors we must epitomize and practice what we preach. Understanding what life achievements we expect to have accomplished within our own journey, defining our own dreams, will help to refine direction and limit the noise that stifles constructive planning forward.

From this clarity everyone around you benefits, including your athletes.   You more clearly see what's left to be done and more willing to take the necessary chances to get there.

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1 Apr 2017 5:09:00 PM By Sonya Porter coaching, mentoring, lifeskills, Training
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